Robotics and Technology-Based Field Study

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Voyager Quest is designed to help students dive into the realm of coding through experimenting with a variety of robots.

Through this program, students will not only learn the basics of block-coding but also how to build resiliency, patience, and autonomy. Students will be challenged to create their own programs while working with their peers on an assigned task. Our lessons inspire kids and allow them to turn their imagination into reality!


  • Learn basic coding concepts with markers and color codes.
  • Observe what different codes do by trial-and-error.
  • Discover how to write efficient block codes to solve problems.


  • Students will work in teams on a choice-based assignment.
  • Design and construct either a bridge or a maze.
  • Develop a code to maneuver over the bridge or through the maze.


  • Identify the uses of specific features on the Robomaster.
  • Brainstorm future inventions with the technology featured on the Robomaster.
  • Participate in battles and races with your robot.


  • Experience the world through the lens of virtual reality.
  • Allow your creations to come to life with 3D pens.
  • Develop an appreciation for the future of technology.

Additional Adventure Activities

(ask for additional details and pricing)

  • Climbing tower*
  • Zipline*
  • Giant swing*
  • Leap of faith*
  • Teams Course

*Adventure activities may have additional restrictions


  • Schedule

    Our typical program runs from Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday. We also offer one- and two-day programs depending on your priorities.

  • Capacity

    YLI Headquarters in Pickens, South Carolina is a full service facility with professional kitchen staff, multiple meeting rooms, gymnasium, climbing wall, game room, and sleeping capacity of 80 students.

  • Pricing

    We have four packages to offer for Voyager Quest. See below which option works best for you!


Master: 3-day, 2-night sessions. $200 per participant.
(adventure activities offered with this option only—climbing tower, zipline, giant swing, leap of faith)

Innovator: 2-day, 1-night sessions. $125 per participant.

Creator: 1 day session. $75 per participant.

Road Show: Session at your location. $25 per participant.
(contact us to arrange details)

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Voyager Quest runs all through the school year. For information, submit a request information form.

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